Sunday, April 27, 2008

What is a Mom to do.

I don't know what I do all day. This is just something to fill my time. I should cleaning out my closet ( for sure)! But why waste a Sunday cleaning something that has a door that I can close and pretend the mess isn't there. My husband is the only one that uses the closet anyways. My clothes are always in the washer. Due to the amount of drool and normal baby stuff that gets on them. My clothes are the hardest working clothes in Georgia! (for real).
WOW! Its really easy to get into this once you get on a roll.
I love cake. cake cake cake. I has an awesome cake last night bitches. I would be so upset if I were you. Cause you missed out on some great cake. DH said he wouldn't eat any of my cake, but by time we got half way home his story had changed. Alas I had to share but he did drive me over 30 miles to the restaurant and 30 miles back. It was a restaurant featured on Food Network! If they say a place is good I have no reason not to believe them.
By the by this may sound like the rant of a crazy person. It is! I have been up for 24 hours unable to sleep. Blah maybe I'll just watch Golden girls and lay down before my short weekend is up, and I am left alone to care for my daughter for the majority of the day. I love it but its work. blah hagd all!